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Dear Parents / Carers

It has come to my attention that a post on social media has caused concern amongst a number of parents in the community regarding the condition of the Academy’s swimming pool facility.

To reassure parents around the health and safety requirements we must adhere to, we would like to convey the following information:

• To enable us to keep the pool running we are required to carry out tests 3 times per day to ensure the pool is meeting the high safety standards set by the City of Sunderland Public Health Authority who also visit monthly to check and test the quality of water.
• In addition to this, the pool area is cleaned daily by our site cleaner.

We are aware that there are areas of the pool where paint has worn away over time to reveal a concrete base, this is not algae or dirt, just a concrete floor. This does not present any health and safety risks.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Academy by e-mail.


Mr N. Holder