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 This year our fantastic, crazy-creative students performed a wonderful show of a variety songs, scenes and dances preferably from musical such as: Oliver Twist, Annie, Shrek, Lion King, Hairspray and many other great musicals. Also they added some other surprises from our very own Y11’s, Y10’s and Y8’s with dances and solos from songs other than musicals.

Different people, from different years came to perform, but lets not forget the amazing teacher who gave his free time up and worked with them from the start has worked at Farringdon since 2005 and Mr Fearon. Also we have Mrs Williams who has worked with the dancers, she is also Head of Dance and has worked at Farringdon since 2004. Mrs Williams has also helped us for years along side with Mr Fearon, putting shows together with songs and dances. Many people came and we got lots of great feedback from teachers, parents and students who came to see their friends, so as you can see it was very popular. Mrs Bird said: “even though I didn't go, I got to edit the video of the show and I loved it, it was so professional.” Mrs Hughes said: “A great big congratulations to all of the cast, crew and organisers for a superb performance, it has to be one of the best shows I've seen in school, well done everyone.” Amy and Lucy's mum, Joanne commented: ‘The variety show was fantastic. All performers made a great effort and showed such enthusiasm throughout the whole show. It was enjoyed by everyone both young or old. Everyone involved should feel very proud of what they achieved in such a short space of time. I hope the school continue to support the future of these performances on a regular basis as they are enjoyed by all.” Mr Fearon said: “Working with the cast was easy as they did their homework such as learning lines, sorting props and working together.” All the cast said they’d enjoyed it so much and would all like to thanks the teachers for help and support.

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