• Simple Item 10
  • 1
  • All
  • Austin
  • CreativeArts
  • Crown
  • English
  • Laing
  • Maths
  • MFL
  • PE
  • Science
  • SLT
  • STL
  • SupportStaff
  • Teacher
  • Thompson
  • Mr N. Holder

    Mr N. Holder

    • SLT
    • Teacher
  • Mrs B McCrudden

    Mrs B McCrudden

    Deputy Headteacher
    • English
    • SLT
    • Teacher
  • Mrs. A Farley

    Mrs. A Farley

    Deputy Headteacher
    • Crown
    • English
    • SLT
    • Teacher
  • Mrs. S. Clay

    Mrs. S. Clay

    Assistant Headteacher
    • Austin
    • English
    • SLT
    • Teacher
  • Mrs J. Reay

    Mrs J. Reay

    Assistant Headteacher
    • CreativeArts
    • Laing
    • SLT
    • Teacher
  • Miss C. Appleby

    Miss C. Appleby

    Acting Assistant Headteacher
    • Crown
    • English
    • SLT
    • Teacher
  • Mr. A. Roberts

    Mr. A. Roberts

    Acting Assistant Headteacher
    • PE
    • SLT
    • Teacher
  • Mr J. Ellison

    Mr J. Ellison

    Science Subject Team Leader
    • Austin
    • Science
    • STL
    • Teacher
  • Mrs. D. Harris

    Mrs. D. Harris

    MFL Teacher
    • Crown
    • MFL
    • Teacher
  • Miss. L. Leyson

    Miss. L. Leyson

    MFL Subject Team Leader
    • Crown
    • MFL
    • STL
    • Teacher
  • Mr. H McFaull

    Mr. H McFaull

    Maths Teacher
    • Maths
    • Teacher
    • Thompson
  • Mr K Duncanson

    Mr K Duncanson

    Marketing Manager
    • Austin
    • SupportStaff
  • Mrs L Bird

    Mrs L Bird

    Media Teacher
    • English
    • Laing
    • Teacher
  • Mrs R Alsop

    Mrs R Alsop

    Business Manager
    • Austin
    • SupportStaff


Academically the school is organised into eleven subject teams, some of which contain ‘families’ of academic subjects and each is led by a Subject Team Leader. The teams are English; Mathematics; Science; Information Technology & Business Education; Humanities; Modern Foreign Language; Technology; P.E.; Creative Arts; Inclusion Support Centre and Appropriate Curriculum.

Mrs C Appleby Subject Team Leader English
Ms K Armstrong AS Provision/ISC Manager
Mrs R Bell Humanities Teacher
Mrs L Bird Media Teacher
Miss M Birkett Science NQT Teacher
Miss E Charters Maths Teacher
Mrs S Clay Assistant Headteacher
Mr D Cooper Maths Teacher
Mrs G Craggs English Teacher
Miss A Creegan English ASTL Teacher
Mrs J Crone P.E. Teacher
Mrs J Dolphin Subject Team Leader  - Technology
Mr J Ellison Subject Team Leader -  Science
Mrs A Farley Deputy Headteacher
Mr A Fearon Subject Team Leader - Creative Arts
Mrs C Hagel Computer Science Teacher
Miss G Graham English Teacher
Mrs D Harris M.F.L. Teacher
Mr N Holder Headteacher
Miss L Kelsey Maths Teacher
Mr C Keilty Science NQT Teacher
Mr A Lewis SENCO
Mrs L Leyson Subject Team Leader M.F.L.
Mrs B McCrudden Deputy Headteacher
Mrs A Marufu Computer Science Teacher
Mr H McFaull Maths Teacher
Miss S Newsome English Teacher
Mrs E Ovington English Teacher
Miss J Ovington Geography Teacher
Miss F Patterson Science Teacher
Miss J Reay Assistant Headteacher
Mr N Reed Science Teacher
Mr A Roberts P.E. Teacher & Careers
Mr N Roberts Humanities ASTL
Mr D Robinson P.E. Teacher
Miss L Robson P.E. Teacher
Ms R Schneider M.F.L. Teacher
Mis R Sinclair Science
Miss K Stockton Humanities Teacher
Miss M Summerley Assistant Subject Team Leader - Technology
Miss D Thompson Subject Team Leader P.E.
Mr M Thompson Inclusion Support Teacher
Mrs L Trueman Assistant Subject Team Leader - English
Mr M Turney Subject Team Leader - Maths
Mrs T Urch Subject Team Leader - Humanities
Mr S Waller Maths Teacher
Mrs P Whinfield Inclusion Support Teacher
Mrs C Whittington English & Maths Teacher
Mr D Wilkinson P.E. Unqualified Teacher
Miss E Wray HSC & Food Teacher
Mr B Wright Construction Teacher
Mr B Young Subject Team Leader - Art
Miss N Zalas Computing Teacher


Non Teaching

Senior Head of House Mrs T Ramshaw
Austin Head of House Mrs R Harris
Crown Head of House Mrs K Owen
Laing Head of House Mrs A Cinnamond
Thompson Head of House Miss D Phillips
Consequences Manager Ms J Freeman
Attendance Officer Miss H Abernethy
Attendance Officer Mrs E Thompson
Nurture Coordinator Mrs S Marshall
Intervention Support  
HLTA Learning Zone / HLTA Mrs D Evans
Technician / Curriculum Support HLTA Science Miss L Scrafton
Librarian Mrs B Hughes
Cover Supervisor Mrs F Henderson
Cover Supervisor Mr G Embleton
Teaching Assistants Mrs I Burgess
  Miss C Conroy
  Mr M Croft
  Mr G Draper
  Miss D Foulds
  Miss H Harpin
  Mr L Hibbert
  Miss M Jones
  Mrs L Kelf
  Ms S Lister
  Mrs T Lowthian
  Miss H Marshall
  Miss G Parr
  Mrs S Ranton
  Mrs A Smith
  Mrs K Sollis
  Mrs S Watson
  Mr B Wood 
Apprentice Teaching Assistant  Miss S Ramshaw 
School Games Organiser / Community Manager Miss A McCulloch
Community Receptionist Mrs K Winter
 Community Receptionist Miss S Grainger


Director of Business & Administration

Rachel Allsop

Personal Assistant to Head Teacher Miss A Parker
School Data Manager & Exams Administration Mr S Davison
 Administrive & Health & Safety Manager Mrs B Parker
Finance Team Leader Mrs V Thornton
Finance Assistant  Miss L Carter
Receptionist Mrs J Hubbard
Administrative Assistants Miss A Cruddas
Data Administrator Miss M Davie
Technology Technician Mr D Donkin
 Science Technician Miss G Burdon
Technician / Curriculum Support Mrs V Scott
I.C.T. Network Manager Mr W Haw
I.C.T. Technician Mr D Foster
Marketing Manager Mr K Duncanson
Site Manager Mr G Warwick
Site Supervisor Mr M Douglas
Site Supervisor Apprentice  Mr A Haliwell 
Community Site Supervisor   Mr D Rolls
Cook & Kitchen Staff Mrs C Lamport

 Miss D Johnston


Mrs D Brown


Mrs S Cutts


Mrs G Dodd

  Mrs J Evans
  Mrs D Haswell
  Miss D Tucknutt
  Miss D Wayman
Cleaning Staff Mrs M Wright
  Mrs J Clark
  Mrs D Jones
  Mrs M Smith
  Mrs M Stothard
  Mrs E Walshaw
  Miss D Wayman