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Welcome to our Year 6 Virtual Challenge page. We are planning on giving you several challenges before your arrival at our academy after the summer.  There will be prizes for the winners of the challenges. 

Virtual challneges

Challenge 1 

This is the first challenge for Year 6 students where you have to look through our school website pages for 8 seperate tiles with letters on. These 8 tiles can be ordered side by side to give a two word phrase. We are giving you 1 tile here to start with and it is in the correct place. No two tiles are the same, they all have different combinations of letters on and can be four different house colours. The phrase is something you are going to do with us for the next 5 years.



You need to be a Year 6 student that is coming to Farringdon Community Academy after the summer to be eligible to enter this contest. There is a voucher and chocolate as prizes for the winner of this challange. Are you up for this challenge? Get looking around our website to find all 8 tiles.

Closing date for entries is Friday 3rd July.

You can submit your answer on this form HERE