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Northumbria Police have passed on information to the Academy regarding ‘Edibles’ which are drugs, mainly cannabis, in the guise of sweets. We are currently working with Northumbria Police around their concerns that these drugs are being sold via Snapchat for as little as £5.50, in our local community.
These sweets (see attached pictures) look like normal packets of sweets but may have odd spellings and different fonts. There may also be a very small cannabis pill motif on the packet.
National news last night reported the death of a 21 year old after consuming one of these ‘Edibles’, and several other people have been taken to hospital seriously ill.
We ask you to be vigilant and report any concerns to the Police or the Academy.
In the meantime, we will be banning students from bringing sweets onsite. Sweets will be confiscated if found in the possession of any student.

Exams 2022


For the attention of Year 11: Please find attached a link to the advanced information about the science exams 2022 from AQA exam board. It has been condensed into powerpoint presentation files with links to revision sites and reference pages for your revision guides. You should already have a paper copy from your teacher, and this is also available on Teams for you. Your mock exams are being based on the advanced information for Paper 2. If there are any queries, ask your science teacher or Mr Ellison.

AQA GCSE Biology H - for students assessed content (ppt)

AQA GCSE Chemistry H - for students assessed content (ppt)

AQA GCSE Combined Science Trilogy F - for students (ppt)

AQA GCSE Combined Science Trilogy H - for students (ppt)

AQA GCSE Physics H - for students assessed content (ppt)

 GCSE Maths 

The following areas of content are suggested as key areas of focus for revision and final preparation, in relation to the June 2022 examinations. 

Students should consider how to revise other parts of the specification, for example to review whether other topics may provide knowledge which helps your understanding in relation to the areas being tested in June 2022. 

Students will be credited for using any relevant or appropriate knowledge from any topic areas when answering questions.

AQA GCSE Maths Advance Higher Information 2022 (pdf)

AQA GCSE Maths Advance Information Foundation 2022 (pdf)


The link to the advance information below only applies to the GCSE French Writing examination. If you compare the topics for the Speaking and the Writing, you will see there is a slight reduction -especially for Theme 2 for the Writing.

All Topics still need to be prepared for the Speaking examination.

To this effect, pupils have been issued with:

  • A role-play practice booklet, a photo card practice booklet and Conversation Questions and Individual answers to prepare for the Speaking examination -which is the first examination to take place in the second week of May -straight after the Easter holidays. Parents can support by asking pupils Conversation questions and check if the students can give answers from memory.
  • Pupils also have been given a GCSE French Revision Guide to practise Listening (there are QR codes included linking to sound files) and to practise Reading and Writing - tasks are in the guide on the same page as the vocabulary that pupils can revise before doing the tasks.
  • Finally, pupils have also a translation practice booklet in their possession.

AQA-8658-AI-22 (pdf)

 Technology Food

Advance information for GCSE Food Paper 1 June 2022 (pdf)